GE Power and C4Hydro sign a global commercial exclusivity for power plants operators & paper mills markets

C4HydroTM, specialized in microorganisms detection in the environment, has developed a unique method for semi-quantitatively detecting and/or enumerating the presence of legionella in water in only 48 hours. Particularly watchful with health risks management related to the facilities of its customers, GE Power saw in this process a precise and effective control method, allowing to ensure both optimal operation of … Read More

C4hydro at the Legionella 2017 international congress

From the 26th to the 30th of September, C4hydro team was present at the 9th edition of Legionella congress in Rome, for presenting Legio EZ-TestTM – its Legionella pneumophila fast detection solutions – to the international community. Every 4 years, most of the international Legionella professionals meet at this specific occasion to discuss about scientific, technical, epidemiological and regulatory innovations. … Read More