The fastest and most accurate testing method capable of detecting

  • Culturable L. pneumophila
  • Of all serogroups
  • In only 48 H

Help your clients closely manage their L. pneumophila risk

Different conditionings for different needs

1 Analysis Kit

The Legio EZ-TestTM Lab Kit 1 analysis is especially adapted to occasional needs. It contains all the consumables required for testing one water sample.

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100 analysis Kit

The Legio EZ-TestTM Lab Kit 100 analysis will be dedicated to frequent use. All our reagents are available in large contents, compatible with delivering pumps adapted to quantities defined in our protocol. This solution will help you optimize manipulation time and dedicated storage room. A 100 analysis Lab Kit allows an operator to make until 12 analysis at the same time.

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Get our dedicated lab equipment

For an optimal organisation of your testing sessions, the C4HydroTM Research team developed dedicated Lab equipments, allowing operators to proceed to all tests in the best and most effective conditions.

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Testing Protocol

Step 1 : 10 min

Sample preparation

Step 2 : 47H

Incubation (no manipulation)

Step 3 : 50 min

Revelation, test results


Technical information

Inclusivity L. pneumophila
Serogroups inclusivity All serogroups
Positivity Threshold 103 cfu/L
Sensitivity* 90%
Specificity* 97.4%
False Positive* 5.3%
False Negative* 5.1%
Results Range (NFT-90-431) From 0 to > 106 cfu/L

*Tests results obtained for Sanitary hot waters systems, through testing of more than 180 different water samples