Fast, Accurate,
equivalent to the standard culture method

The all-in-one solution for self-monitoring L. pneumophila risk directly on-site

  • A simple 3-steps procedure

    Preparation of your sample, incubation, revelation. The whole 3-steps testing protocol has been adapted so the entire process could be realized directly on-site.

  • No qualification or training needed

    C4HydroTM research team has elaborated a very simple and accessible testing protocol destined to be realized by any agent without requiring any kind of training or technical qualification.

  • Low manipulation time (< 1H, tests results in 48H)

    Step 1 : sample preparation, 10 minutes.
    Step 2 : incubation, 47 H (no manipulation)
    Step 3 : Revelation & results, 50 minutes.

1- Get the field equipment fitting your testing needs

Multi-testing field equipment

The Multi-Testing field equipment is an all-in-one set, allowing agents to test simultaniously up to 6 water samples. Designed to test both Sanitary hot waters & Cooling towers systems, it provides a compact and efficient solution.

Content / Technical information

  • Compatible with Legio EZ-Test reagents kit
  • Contains all the material for completing 1 to 6 tests simultaniously in 48H
  • Usable for testing Sanitary Hot Water systems
  • Usable for testing Cooling Tower systems
  • User-friendly
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Single testing field equipment

Especially designed for occasional needs, our Single Testing field equipment is an affordable set to be used for periodical L. pneumophila self-monitoring needs. This set is only adapted to test sanitary hot waters.

Content / Technical information

  • Compatible with Legio EZ-Test reagents kit
  • Contains all the material for completing a simple test in 48H
  • Usable for testing Sanitary Hot Water systems
  • User-friendly
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2- Get the field kits as and when you need them

Compatible with both Field equipment sets

1 field kit = 1 water sample test

The Legio EZ-TestTM Field Kit contains all the reagents and consumables needed to identify the presence of L. pneumophila in both Sanitary hot waters & Colling towers water systems. Its compact conditioning makes it easily transportable.

  • 1 Filtration unit
  • 1 Collector
  • 1 Pipette
  • 1 Spreader
  • 1 Forceps
  • 1 Plastic bag
  • 1 Petri dish
  • 8 Vials containing chemical solutions

Packing : Carton box (23,3 cm x 11,9 cm x 9,0 cm) containing reagents box (11,5 cm x 14,5 cm x 8,5 cm) + Filtration unit.
Total weight : 406 g
Conservation : between +4°C and +8°C
Contents expiration date : 3 months

Inclusivity L. pneumophila
Serogroups inclusivity All serogroups
Positivity Threshold 103 cfu/L
Sensitivity* 90%
Specificity* 97.4%
False Positive* 5.3%
False Negative* 5.1%
Results Range (NFT-90-431) From 0 to > 106 cfu/L

*Tests results obtained for Sanitary hot waters systems, through testing of more than 180 different water samples

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