The fastest Legionella pneumophila detection solution equivalent to the standard culture method.

Legio EZ-TestTM

  • Tests Results in only 48 hours
  • Exclusively detects culturable cells of Legionella Pneumophila (all serogroups)
  • 95%  of positive results matching the standard culture method*
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* Results obtained on over 180 sanitary hot water samples.

What does Legio EZ-TestTM do ?

Legio EZ-TestTM has been developed to provide a fast, simple and accurate tool for monitoring the presence of Legionella pneumophila in water. Using a CNRS patented innovation, Legio EZ-TestTM is the only testing solution capable of exclusively detecting culturable L. pneumophila of all serogroups, in 48 HOURS only, making it the most advanced and reliable alternative to the standard culture method.

Legio EZ-TestTM Lab solution brings a fast and innovative detection method, allowing laboratories to provide their clients a regular monitoring of their installations.

Legio EZ-TestTM Field solution, brings a global control solution directly on-site, to agents willing to optimize their reactivity by getting rid of samples transit time.

Legio EZ-TestTM testing protocols do not necessitate any technical or scientific qualification. Every agent can then be fully operational without needing any training period.

How to use Legio EZ-TestTM ?

In Lab

In lab testing with the Legio EZ-TestTM
Lab solution

The Lab solution contains all reagents to be used to identify the presence of L. pneumophila in all kinds of water samples. Reagents conditioning is available in different volumes so they can adjust to your testing frequency needs.

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Directly On-site

On-site testing with the Legio EZ-TestTM
Field solution

Compact and easily transportable, for occasional testing or multi-testing, the Legio EZ-TestTM Field solution contains all materials needed to use the Legio EZ-TestTM kit directly on-site, for an even better testing time management.

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What type of water can be tested with Legio EZ-TestTM ?

Sanitary hot waters

Detection threshold :
103 cfu/L