Optimize your lab L. pneumophila identification workflow… from 3 days to 24H !

  • 100% specific, 100% sensitive
  • Non-lethal procedure
  • No Operator-dependency
  • Colonies available for further testing

Legio EZ-IdentificationTM

Based on the C4HydroTM L. pneumophila assimilation of a specific ulasonic acid, Legio EZ-IdentificationTM presents itself as an automation of the entire identification process, between the culture and the marking of the cells with traditional antibody reaction.

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Why use Legio EZ-IdentificationTM ?

Operator-time optimization

As the whole confirmation of Legionella (L. pneumophila and Legionella spp.) presence procedure will be automatized, manipulation time isn’t only quicker, but much more efficient, as no interpretation of the results will be needed.

Logistics and cost cutting

Less material needed, less storage space, less operator time… Legio EZ-IdentificationTM is a serious way of cutting costs in many implicated phases of the L. pneumophila and Legionella spp. testing procedure.