Get a semi-quantatitative estimation of L. pneumophila presence in cooling towers and water-cooled circuits.
In 48H

Legio EZ-CountTM

Especially designed to fit the very specific needs of cooling towers and water-cooled circuits testing needs, the Legio EZ-CountTM solution will provide a very simple process for closely monitoring the risk level of L. pneumophila based on its concentration in tested waters.

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A closer risk management for optimizing treatment reactivity

Semi-quantitative counting delivering physical-based measurment of cfu/L value. 

Optimal Risk management

  • Propagation risk control
  • Immediate verification of disinfection efficiency
  • Treatment costs optimisation

Accurate risk measurement

  • Detection of all serogroups of culturable L. pneumophila
  • In 48H versus > 10 days with standard culture method

User-friendly all-in-one solution

  • No qualification required
  • Simple 3-steps procedure

Designed for being usable whether in lab or directly on-site !

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