GE Power and C4Hydro sign a global commercial exclusivity for power plants operators & paper mills markets

GE Power Signs a global exclusivity for the commercialization of an innovative legionella risk management solution developed by C4Hydro

Dedicated to power plant operators and paper mills markets

A solid combination of know-how at the service of a close health risks management

C4HydroTM, specialized in microorganisms detection in the environment, has developed a unique method for semi-quantitatively detecting and/or enumerating the presence of legionella in water in only 48 hours.

Particularly watchful with health risks management related to the facilities of its customers, GE Power saw in this process a precise and effective control method, allowing to ensure both optimal operation of the installations in terms of risk management for public health and compliance with regulatory requirements.

A solution adapted to precise and specific monitoring needs

The LegioClearTM solution (a first version of which is available now), developed in close collaboration with GE Power, proposes a simple, fast and efficient method for evaluating the quantity of legionella present in cooling towers waters or cooling circuits and hot sanitary waters.

Particularly sensitive to the legionella risk, these industries need to be able to control quickly and regularly the concentration of this pathogenic agent potentially present in their facilities, in order to be able to use, if the warning thresholds are exceeded, the most appropriate, safe and effective decontamination process.

LegioClearTM is a complete turn-key solution, offering all the equipment needed to perform tests at the installation site, and provides the operator with a risk assessment followed by the adapted treatment protocol.

After more than two years of close collaboration in developing the first LegioClearTM solution, GE Power and C4HydroTM have entered into a commercial agreement for an undisclosed amount, giving GE Power the worldwide exclusivity of this solution dedicated to power plants operators and paper mills.

GE Power in a few words

GE Power develops a specialized activity in global solutions to the problems faced by its customers operating power plants of all sizes and industrial sites such as paper mills. It offers an innovative offer to maintain the performance of the cooling system, reduce the pollution of cooling water circuits while allowing to meet the current and future rejection standards, and reduce the unavailability for fortuitous maintenance.

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